Saturday, December 22, 2018

UPSC C.S.E exam is one of the prestigious exam in India. To perform exceptionally well, aspirant has to pick optional very smartly. Optional with less aspirants, low dynamicity, objective approach always give edge to aspirant. Sci-Tech study has tailormade course for score maximization in physics optional. Our team has meticulously prepared course by filtering concepts and facts from all possible  books and resources. We have researched every diagram, derivation, example so that our student should stand out among other aspirants. These days scores of all GS papers are not helping aspirants to get an edge over others . It's the optional which makes or mar the chances of getting selected. Physics is only optional which has performed consistently from last 25 years . Toppers ranging from supreet Singh Gulati , rishav Gupta , Nidhi Gupta had performed exceptionally well in optional to get single digit ranks . Best bet with Physics is that limited and coherent syllabus . Syllabus can easily be covered by just 400 hours of lecturing . Pet 30 marks questions can be prepared with such a surity that there is no way of loosing marks . Further UPSC optional preparation is comprehensive preparation that it also give wings to aspirants with Physics background to perform with flying colours in NET /GATE / BARC  exam. Upsc physics coaching,Upsc physics coaching online, Upsc physics coaching delhi, Upsc physics coaching chandigarh,Upsc physics coaching india.


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